Wi-Fi Assessments: Optimizing Your Wireless Network

Wi-Fi Assessments

Your deployment of Wi-Fi LANs empowers mobility and productivity within your organization. However, managing a Wi-Fi infrastructure with numerous users and device types can present challenges.

At Annexus Technologies, our four-step process—Discover, Plan, Implement, and Achieve—ensures comprehensive service and support from start to finish, keeping your wireless network running smoothly and your sensitive data secure.


We assess your existing wireless network to determine its ability to support planned mobile devices or applications. Our detailed report highlights your network's current state and offers recommendations for enhancing usability and stability.

Features of our Wireless Network Assessment include:

  • Overall System Health Assessment: We conduct a thorough examination of your entire wireless network infrastructure to assess its overall health. This includes checking for any hardware malfunctions, software issues, or configuration errors that may impact performance.
  • Performance Check: Our assessment includes evaluating the performance of your Wi-Fi network, such as data transfer speeds, latency, and reliability. We identify any bottlenecks or areas where performance could be improved to enhance user experience.
  • Interference Analysis: We analyze the wireless spectrum to identify any sources of interference that may be affecting your network performance. This could include neighboring Wi-Fi networks, electronic devices, or physical obstacles that disrupt signal transmission.
  • Comprehensive Coverage and Density Mapping: Using advanced tools and techniques, we create detailed maps of your wireless network coverage and density. This allows us to visualize signal strength throughout your premises and identify areas with weak or overlapping coverage.


Our comprehensive process creates a roadmap for successful implementation and future growth. Beyond hardware placement and configuration, we consider maintenance, capacity, bandwidth, applications, infrastructure, and expansion plans.

Our design services include:

  • Wireless Network Site Survey and Design: We conduct on-site surveys to assess your facility's layout, environmental factors, and user requirements. Based on this information, we design a customized wireless network solution that optimizes coverage, capacity, and performance.
  • Cabling Infrastructure Survey and Design: A robust cabling infrastructure is essential for supporting your Wireless Network. We survey your premises to determine the best placement for network cables, ensuring reliable connectivity to Access Points and other network devices.
  • Conduit/Cable Tray Survey and Design: We assess existing conduit and cable tray systems to ensure they can accommodate the necessary network cabling. If modifications or upgrades are needed, we design a solution that meets your requirements while minimizing disruption to your operations.
  • Closet/Cabinet Survey and Design: We evaluate your network equipment closets or cabinets to ensure they are properly configured and ventilated. Our design ensures efficient organization of networking hardware and facilitates easy access for maintenance and troubleshooting.

Wi-Fi Optimization Our Step-by-Step Service Approach

By combining our thorough assessment with comprehensive design services, we provide a holistic approach to optimizing your wireless network infrastructure. From identifying current issues to planning for future growth, Annexus Technologies ensures your Wi-Fi Network meets the demands of your organization.

Plus, we also offer Starlink service for the Caribbean region, providing reliable connectivity options tailored to your needs.

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